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10 - 24 december 2018 
COPIES / MULTIPLES (De la duplicopie à la création)   -   59 Rue de Rivoli, Paris (FR)
Exposition collective de Risographie

8 - 19 october 2018
Landxcape art, storytelling, landscape  -  BJCEM Residency, Parco Dune Costiere (IT) resident artist in the Visual Art discipline

11 - 14 october 2018
Biennale emergences   -   Centre National de la Dance, Pantin (FR)
collective exhibition with Ortus

20 september 2018 – 4 december 2018
MOTIFS ALL OVER   -   Galerie VIA, Paris (FR)
presentation of a new wall tapestry in collaboration with Wendy Andreu

8 - 21 september 2018 
Première Vision fair   -   Paris (FR)
window display installation for
the Société Choletaise de Fabrication collaboration with Wendy Andreu

1 june 2018 – 31 july 2018
Metamorfosi, l’avventura   -   Internilab, Ivrea (IT)
personal exhibition in the context of the literary festival La Grande Invasione

15 june 2017 
Bienal da Maia   -   Porto (PT)
inauguration of the five azulejos walls I designed in the entrance of Fabrica 3as
collaboration with the artesan Joaquim Pombal
curated by Sergio Alves

October 2015 
“DAE Graduation Show”  -  deWitteDame, Eindhoven (NL)
Plese Follow project
curated by Jan Konings

June 2014
"Designing Scarcity"  -  Het Niewe Instituut, Rotterdam (NL)
The backside of the archive, performance at the exhibition’s opening 
curated by Jan Boelen

October 2013
“Transatlantic - Texas”  -  Bolm Gallery Austin, Texas (USA)
personal hand drawings, collective exhibition
curated by Kevin McNamee-Tweed

April 2013 
“2013 Project” Hanover Project  -  University of Central Lancashire, Preston (UK)
personal hand drawings, collective exhibition
curated by Cafè Royal Books