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born 1988, italian - currently based in Paris

I give voice and draw the stories hidden in the objects and landscapes around me (and the people sleeping in or next to them). 
My work unfolds in physical environments to create a moment of magic in front of the audience, a parenthesis, that nevertheless allows a deep and layered reflection on social issues.
To conduct my investigations I work in archives, libraries, cities of various scale and density.

MA Information design - Design Academy Eindhoven, 2015
Graphic and virtual design - Politecnico di Torino, 2013
exchange student - FH Duesseldorf, 2011

June 2018 - “Metamorfosi, l’ avventura” - at InterniLab during La Grande Invasione, Ivrea (IT) 

July 2017 - “After work play” - Bienal da Maia, Porto (PT)
curated by Sergio Alves

October 2015 - “DAE Graduation Show” - deWitteDame, Eindhoven
curated by Jan Konings

June 2014 - "Designing Scarcity" - Het Niewe Instituut, Rotterdam
curated by Jan Boelen

October 2013 - “Transatlantic - Texas” - Bolm Gallery Austin, Texas
curated by Kevin McNamee-Tweed

April 2013 - “2013 Project” at Hanover Project -University of Central Lancashire, Preston
curated by Cafè Royal Books